• I had 2 full-time accounting persons for the previous software packages. Once we switched, the paperwork issues dropped dramatically. I now only need 1 accounting person for paperwork saving me over $35,000 per year. My employees are also much happier not having to spend so much time correcting and figuring out their paperwork!

    Intro XL is an easy to use lending program. I have gone through maybe 6 to 8 other software packages. Difficulty in using them constantly created issues for our staff and accounting department. Intro is by far the easiest program to use.
  • John Adkins
    EZ Loans, Inc.
  • Thanks for your extreme patience that finally made me realize the potential of your software for my business.
  • David Shadi
  • I would recommend the IntroXL software to anyone wanting to upgrade to a better system or to a new business just starting out. Each would find that transitioning from one software vendor to IntroXL will be one of the easiest transitions available. And for any new business in the industry, they will find the IntroXL Software to be one of the least expensive business investments that provides the greatest return; information; up-to-the- minute!
  • Kelly Breslau
    CQC Inc., Harrisburg Quick Cash Inc., TQC Inc., RQC Inc., and CQC-A Inc.
    Illinois, Arkansas and Mississippi
  • Prior to getting into the short term loan space, I spent 20 years of my life in information technology(Cisco Systems). Having worked with many of the lending software packages, I can tell you that Intro XL offers significant value for your monthly investment. The monthly fee they charge for their fully managed redundant service is a real value. Frankly, I can't imagine how you would properly manage your short term business with any other solution on the market. Hands down, I'm trusting the bloodline of my business to the professionals at Intro XL.
  • Tom McCloud
    Emergency Loan Center
  • I have dealt with Intro XL for at least four years now. I have worked for a couple of different owners and all have used Intro XL except one. You do not realize how easy the software is until you no longer have it. I now have my own store and would not choose any other software. The customer support is outstanding and some of the changes made to improve the software I would not have even thought of as something important until we had it added. To be able to access your stores progress from anywhere is essential to keeping up with where your company stands. I am able to address any issues that may arise when I am not there physically, to keep customer service at its peak. Intro XL takes a lot of worry out of an already chaotic business. They resolve issues in a timely manner and have at times gone the extra mile to make a customer happy. The software is simple to use and easy to learn. If I had fifty stores I would still use Intro XL over any other software. Why change a good thing?
  • Lynn Zerbonia
    The Cash Zone
  • Our company was growing and we were at four stores. This year we changed software companies three times and I hope working with Intro XL will be the last change. Intro XL is everything a loan store can ask for in a software program. Real Time access to what the stores are doing now. Security as the cheque writing with my signature make everything more secure. The easy addition of late fees pays for the monthly cost. Great support when a problem occurs.
  • Robert Crocco
    Northern Cash Advance
    Ontario, Canada
  • Intro XL does a great job in all of these areas. This software is extremely easy to use and priced right.
  • Brad Cook
    Cook Cash Store
  • The Intro XL Program is simply easy to use. I also like the fact that you can easily track day to day operations in other locations.
  • Ted Clifford
    Ohio Valley Cash Loans
  • Intro representatives' responses to our individual needs has been amazing.....many custom issues were resolved on the phone on the first call while we were waiting......more complex issues were also resolved in a timely manner and we never had to call them back due to lack of response/follow up. I have been using various financial software software since 1982 and I have never experienced software with this flexibility and people ready/willing to make the changes almost instantly.
  • Rich Anderson
    VRS Hometown Loans
  • Intro XL is very easy to use. Support has so far been quite good and extremely responsive.  The features rival the features of several higher-priced programs.
  • Earl Gooding
    CSE Financial.